Message 050 - Ten Non-Commandments

Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

September 11, 2002


In message 49, it was felt that the next message (i.e. no. 50) would reveal more wisdom that is camouflaged in Gita through the continued process of chanting and meditating. Gita is still churning in the body, but the message that comes out now, is perhaps more linked with Bible.

On this day last year a tremendous horror and terror struck this country. One therefore gets a strange perception to-day, particularly in this part of U.S.A with a strong energy of American Nativity.

Ten Non-Commandments

I. Get freedom from the mind and ego keeping intact full functioning of memory and intellect.

     • memory + articulation = intellect

     • intellect + attachment = mind

     • mind + arrogance = ego

This freedom is intelligence which is beyond the frame of memory, intellect, mind and ego.

II. Understand the uniqueness of a human being, which also includes universality.

III. Love without longing. Save yourself without depending upon any Savior.

IV. Meditate on divinity. Don’t advise divinity through prayers.

V. Remember that laughter is the sacred life. Converting pity and parody of suffering into an ideal is sacrilege.

VI. Be playful and alive. Don’t die by getting into pursuits with deadlines.

VII. Be available to creativity, independence and flowering by rejecting conformity, imitation and following.

VIII. Know that Sensitivity and Sex-energy belong to life, Sensuality and Sexuality belong to mind. Life is holy, not mind.

IX. Practice the religion of “What is”, not of “What should be”.

X. See the art of wonder and innocence. Avoid the articulation of words and ignorance.


Let these non-commandments end all bigotry and battle. Live and let live. Don’t be enamoured by the afterlife with visions of virgins, gardens and palaces and the fantasy of unity with forefathers in another world. Don’t take mental leaps to imagine God in heaven dishing out reward and punishment and the judgement at some ‘final hour’ in accordance with Bible, Koran or Gita depending upon your titles and divisions a Christians, Muslims and Hindus. Don’t give up truth in favor of twisted rationalizations and tricky logic of theologians. Let all cravings for power, exploitations and manipulation cease leading to the ultimate peak of sanity. Let the river of compassion and comprehension, of truth and tranquility, of blissfulness and benediction flow down from this peak supplying nourishment and food to all humanity. The living organism, the human, is not interested in your (i.e. mind’s) provocations, agitations, gratifications in the name of God, Soul, Spirit and Self. The sensory perceptions and activities of life do not recognize any such thing. The translation of the unnameable sensitivities into rabid concepts within the framework of knowledge, experiencing structure, cultural inputs and conditioning is thought and mental pollution. There is nothing holy in the products of thoughts, preconcepts and predetermined conclusions giving rise to dogmas and doctrines under the pretext of such high sounding phrases as God, Soul, Spirit, Self, Heaven, Hell, Devil, Sin and so on.

Don’t be excited by the slogans and jargons of priests and politicians. They have always been in connivance to divide humanity and destroy life. The unnameable can never be named. The unknowable can never be known.


Om peace, Om peace, Om peace

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Kriya deconditions and sets the seeker free from the past karma. It transforms fundamentally the gross ego-centre of the seeker into a subtle individual uniqueness which also includes universality. It brings harmony with the wholeness of life by piercing through the ignorance of the ways of self.