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Message 504 - Last verse 78 in the last chapter 18 of Bhagawat Gita.

Paris, 29 March 2024


Wherever is the Division-free Awareness (Krishna) and Action from perceptions (Arjuna), there is the splendour, victory and the wealth of righteousness.

Wonderful and intense perception of Joydip on the last verse 78 in the last chapter 18 of Bhagawat Gita.


« This message overwhelmed me on two counts. One is the message itself, and the other is the very fact that this is the last verse of the last chapter of Bhagawat Gita.

While each word, each verse, and each chapter of Bhagawat Gita narrate the principles of life and its natural flow, divinity; but the whole essence has been summarized again in the last verse of the last chapter.

In your every message, every satsang we have been made aware that the journey of Bhagawat Gita is from ‘mindlessness’, to ‘mind’ to ‘no mind’. From Duryodhan to Arjun to Krishna.

In most of the circumstances in our life, especially when life throws a curve ball at us, we tend to debate about the circumstance and get entangled in what should be, rather than face what is. This increases our suffering and stress. It is like getting caught in a deluge of quicksand, the more we struggle, the more we get entrapped. True intelligence is in the awareness of the circumstance and to be with it. This oneness with the situation and where the mischievous mind is not creating havoc, is the division-free awareness. This is the true essence Krishna, the ‘no-mind’.

Under such circumstances, then we do not respond to the situation as a reaction but rather act out of understanding and perception of the situation (Arjuna), the actions taken are  then pure and appropriate. It’s like accepting that I am in quicksand and that I should rather try floating instead of reacting by trying to swim and seek help.

Finally, when we are in a state of division-free awareness and have acted out of perception rather than a reaction, what happens as an outcome is the divine wealth of righteousness which in essence is the splendor and is the true victory. If there is one miracle,that is being in division-free awareness, where the mind does not interfere and actions taken, are out of perceptions only. »


Jai Joydip 

Jai Perception

Jai Guru Process


Jai Melody Divine (Bhagawat Gita)



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