An Invitation

An Invitation to Kriya Yoga!


We usually seek Truth in temple, mosques, gurudwaras, churches or other places of worship.

We make pilgrimages, read religious books, undergo severe austerities to free ourselves from

the bondage of pain and grief. Our entire life is spent following one belief system or other in

the vain hope that truth lies somewhere out there and if we search long enough, we will find it.

We seek externally for that which we already are! We are life, not the myth called mind. The

mind, though the myth, is valid in our day-to-day work as it gives functional value. Therefore,

the invitation is to stop seeking and start seeing.



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Kriya deconditions and sets the seeker free from the past karma. It transforms fundamentally the gross ego-centre of the seeker into a subtle individual uniqueness which also includes universality. It brings harmony with the wholeness of life by piercing through the ignorance of the ways of self.