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Message 503 - Kriya Yoga Journey of a Dedicated Disciple


Paris,20 Feb,2024


At the conclusion of the recent Kriya Yoga initiation program held at Satyalok, Varanasi,  a dedicated kriyaban was asked to describe his life in Kriya Yoga. New Kriyabans may then perhaps be helped in their Kriya Yoga life — day to day.

Kriyaban: In October 2013, I came to know about the Kriya Yoga initiation program to be held in Mumbai by Guru Baba Shri Shibendu Lahiri. I travelled from Pune to Mumbai on the due date and listened the Swadhyay talk. The talk was very deep and profound and therefore, I decided to take initiation by staying for the next two days and thus, I got the Kriya Yoga initiation as practiced in the dynastic lineage.

Before the initiation, I had read many so-called spiritual books and, therefore, I was expecting some miracles like -  Kundalini awakening, Shaktipat etc. to happen during the initiation. I became disappointed and sad as I found no such miracles happening. However, I started practicing Kriyas half-heartedly and soon lost interest in practicing them. Kriya practice was totally stopped within two months of the initiation and then I considered the Kriya initiation, as a lost time, and irrelevant.

After about one year, coordinator of the Mumbai Kriya initiation program tried to contact me many times over phone. Initially I ignored his calls as I was not practicing Kriyas. But after his multiple attempts, we finally spoke on phone and it went something like this --

Coordinator: It has been one year since the initiation took place. I called up to connect and take a report on your Kriya practice. How is it going?

Kriyaban: I did not find what I was looking for. Nothing special like kundalini awakening was felt. So, I lost interest in a few days and do not do any practice now.

Coordinator: (rebukingly) Guru Baba, an old man of 74-75 years, kept speaking for 3 days continuously and tried to explain to you the sacred teachings and techniques maintained through generations. Yet you did not learn anything. Seems, your stupid mind is not even ready to learn.

Kriyaban: No, I listened and observed everything with full attention and even had made notes during the Swadhyay talk but Guruji did not show any miracle or anything special during the initiation.

Coordinator: What did you expect? Did you come for a magic show?

Kriyaban: (silence)

Coordinator: Well, your focus was not on learning. You had come to see magic and miracles. But in the first day's Swadhyay talk itself, you were told that in Kriya Yoga no magic is shown and no stories of miracles are told to keep you amused in paralyzing consolation. So you would have gone back to Pune on the first day itself but you stayed for three days. What does this mean? You are not even honest about what you think. What happens by making notes? It happens by practicing Kriyas honestly along with the Swadhyay. Why did you waste everyone's time?

Kriyaban: (speechless in shock as the logic and deductions were correct, as it hit him really very hard)

In that state of shock, I referred to my notes to see what made me stay in Mumbai for three days for the initiation. I found following summary in my notes --

1. Truth cannot be explained. It can only be available in Being and not in Becoming.

2. Truth cannot be organised. Only ideas and concepts about the Truth are organised.

3. Guru is not a personality to be followed, but a process in which one flowers. Do not follow anybody including this body, Shibendu.

4. There is no expectation from anyone. Only Love is flowing from this body.

5. There are no fees for the initiation, as this holy process is priceless. Guru-dakshina is taken by tradition but the dakshina is not prescribed. It is based on your own will, trust and capacity.

Above words from Guruji's body and the conversation with the coordinator made an unsettling impact which continued for the next few days. Guru Baba's voice kept ringing in me. And then I mustered up the courage to call the coordinator. I apologized and requested for help. He guided me with great compassion and love and thus, I resumed my practice. My Kriya journey restarted. Now I started attending initiation programs and retreats being organised in different cities of the country. Everywhere I received a lot of love from Guru ji and also from the senior kriyabans. Whenever I asked for help, I received it.

Considering these events in my kriya journey, here are some pointers for the new kriyabans  --

1) Read the book of the self (i.e. Swadhyay). Swadhyay also happens by contemplating on messages written by Guru Baba. Please don't read the so-called spiritual books of the market which make a mental construct and cause expectation accordingly. Expectation begets experience and experience strengthens the expectation. Always be alert to this trick and trap of the mind.

2) Always remember the 4 Ts i.e. Trust, Touch, Time together and Teaching. (Please refer message number 467 for understanding the wisdom behind these words)


Jai Disciple!

Jai Coordinator!

Jai Guru!

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