Satyalok Temple

Satyalok Temple

Experience is the death of the perception of that incommunicable mystery which is referred to as ‘love’, ‘reality’, ‘existence’, ‘eternal’, ‘divine’, ‘bliss’, ‘sacredness’, ‘the unnamable’ and so on.

Perhaps you may come upon that mystery if you understand and practice what was made known to you through the human body called Lahiri Mahasaya and which is still being told by his blood cells and bone marrow throughout the world, year in and year out.

You must discover it by and for yourself. Nobody can reveal this mystery to you, and nothing can destroy it.


22 January 2015



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Kriya deconditions and sets the seeker free from the past karma. It transforms fundamentally the gross ego-centre of the seeker into a subtle individual uniqueness which also includes universality. It brings harmony with the wholeness of life by piercing through the ignorance of the ways of self.